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Bisley Autumn Meeting

For what we are about to receive. The 1000 yard firing point ten minutes before Message 1.

Captains Report

In Memory of Jim Brown

I’m sorry to announce the death of Jim Brown - peacefully at Melvich Community Care Unit in the early hours of Sunday 15 September.

Jim – a relative newcomer to the world of MR (20 years?) - was a regular at Blair and presented the Club with the Craigfillan Tyro trophy for our Spring meeting; he was also our webmaster, keeping our website up to date and suitably furnished with important details such as links to the midge forecast. We will miss him.

Yrs, Mark

NRC of S Autumn Meeting

1114 yards Saturday afternoon. Tim Kidner in centre took most of the silverware.
1114 yards Saturday afternoon. Tim Kidner in centre took most of the silverware.

Match Report

2019 Imperial Meeting Bisley including Elcho

Scotland Elcho Team - 2019

Captains Report

Scotland v Australia 2019

Both Teams with Umpire and RCO

Full Results

NRC of S Autumn Open Meeting

31st August / 1 st September

Entry Form

NRC of S Spring Meeting

Allan Campbell-Smith receiving the Crawford Cup for the highest scorer over the weekend

Full Results and Match Report

Combined Clubs Meeting Bisley

11th/12th May

A record turnout of 78 entries shivered in a cold north westerly wind at 8.30 on the Saturday morning, with a promise of rain. Fishtailing winds were the order of the day, ranging from fairly benign at 1,000 yards to fiendish for the 1,100 yard shoot after lunch. Although the winds were strong their headwind nature lead to low wind settings until the angle opened, so a 6 minute wind bracket with zero in the middle and heaven help anyone who failed to notice the change of angle, one prominent Scottish shot recording magpies on both sides of the bull. The same conditions ran through the 1,200 yard shoot, which calmed down for the last detail. The overnight lead was held by Alex Cargill Thompson with 220.23 over Nick Tremlett on 219.18. Top Scot was Ron Scaglione in 5th place with 217.26. A special mention goes to Jon Sweet with a score of 216.29, which should have been 221.30 and won the Saturday Aggregate but for the v bull placed on the adjacent target.

Sunday dawned bright and warm, with lighter winds. 1,000 yards should have been a shoe in for a full house and was for many. Tim Kidner’s 75.14 with his spare rifle and Jon and Ron’s 75.12 showed the way. High scores continued for the 1,100 yards shoots, with what appeared to be a steady right wind occasionally replaced by left to trip the unwary. At 1,200 yards scores were again high but later in the day as the wind dropped mirage took over, going against the wind to confuse the unobservant.

In the end Ron Scaglione won the Scottish Eight Cup, from Jon Sweet and Tim Kidner. Zoe Woodroffe won the Ladies Powell Trophy and Fergus Flanagan was the winning Under 25. An excellent Combined Clubs Meeting ably run by the English Eight Club. Our thanks to them.


Results (


Fergus Flanagan wins the under 25s (again)
Half a minute right but with a vicious left hand mirage
Ron Scaglione receives the Scottish Eight Cup
You cannot be serious! Our Treasuer and VP at 1200yards
Zoe receiving the Powell Trophy
Match Rifle shooting dates for 2019:-
Blair Atholl dates:
NRC of S Practice day (Joint with WARC LR  Club Shoot) April 14th
NRC of S Practice day (Friday Afternoon) May 24th
NRC of S Open Spring Meeting May 25th / 26th
MR Individual Competition including Australians July 6th
MR International Team Match - Scotland v Australia July 7th
NRC of S Autumn Open Meeting August 31st / September 1st
Bisley dates:
Wallace day April 27th
NRCofS Training Day (alongside NLRC match v all comers) May 10th
Combined Clubs Spring Meeting (English VIII) May 11th / 12th
Wallace day June 22nd
Lex Lyons Match July 10th
Any Rifle July 11th
Hopton Agg. July 12th to 15th
Elcho Match July 16th
Woomera Match GB v Australia July 17th
English VIII Autumn Match Rifle Meeting September 28th/29th
Other dates available at West Atholl web site

Martin Brown
1945 - 2018


Martin with the bottle of Aberlour

Martin Brown

Broon’s earliest introduction to the world of long range target shooting, was surely in the butts of Howmoor range at 1000 yards, pulling targets for his father, Alastair.

A little later, a fleeting appearance at Bisley, helping Alastair to erect his prototype long range target frame - subsequently adopted by the NRA. But in those days Martin’s competitive interest was Motor Sport. His legendary 2 litre Morris Minor with pre-selector gearbox must have been an awesome sight in action.

His shooting career only really took off when Alastair died and Martin inherited his father’s rifles - and shortly afterwards his place in the Scottish Eight too.

It wasn’t long before he was persuaded to take on responsibilities as our Honorary Secretary, providing wise counsel, keeping successive Scottish Captains on the straight and narrow, whilst always encouraging young or inexperienced newcomers to the Match Rifle discipline. As well as competing successfully on the ranges, he started production of bespoke ammunition of notable accuracy and reliability, as a service to those unable, or reluctant to assemble their own. A tedious and time-consuming activity, but one which contributed very significantly to the advance of Scotland’s Elcho prowess.

In the wider world of shooting at Bisley and beyond, the hospitality, welcome and enthusiastic debate which could always be expected at Ranfurly produced an ever- expanding circle of friends of many nationalities. Further expanded through travels with Scottish teams to North America and the Australia. Never failing to fly the flag or wear the kilt in confident expectation of upgrade to business class.

A man of many parts, with interests extending far beyond rifle shooting. Certainly not least, as the father of an Olympic gold medallist, in the ‘roaring game’ of curling. And latterly as physical difficulties made shooting too uncomfortable, there was still the boat to sail and a final, successful, return to the motor sports arena.

A great character, his passing greatly saddens many fellow rifle shooters in many places. We have lost a good friend.

Allan Campbell-Smith

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