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Come the Elcho, Scotland were short of a few regular team members but still fielded a team from the top 36 in the Hopton. Sadly England were on stellar form and beat us at every range. We nearly matched their V count but their coaches, who spend so much more time on Stickledown than we can, seemed adept at avoiding the white - falling into it only 4 times to our 15 times at 1,200x. Wales pulled out a strong 1,200x finish to overtake Ireland for third spot - a disappointing finish to Martin Townsend's remarkable 32 year stint as Irish Captain.

We were delighted that the Earl of Wemyss and March attended to give out the Elcho medals and dine with us. Our supporters club led by Silke Lohmann ensured we were well fed on several occasions - though the captain was less than amused when she supplied Fergus with a bottle of bubbly which he sprayed about - largely in the direction of the captain. Despite this the captain lent Fergus his rifle to try out prone shooting in the Any Rifle. Fergus promptly won by a handsome margin. Will he be tempted to leave supine behind ...?

Mike Baillie-Hamilton - Captain NRC of S