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NRC of S successes at Bisley 2015

"Members of NRCofS picked up 11 trophies during the Imperial Meeting Match Rifle events. Hannah Fisher briefly led the Hopton thanks to starting the Whitehead with the only 75 at 1,000x. Andy Gent then took the lead over lunch but by the Saturday evening Mike Baillie-Hamilton was in the lead by 2 points. Over the next three days his lead grew steadily to 3, 5 and finally 5 points to give him his third victory in the overall title. Runner up was Rob Lygoe - last years winner. On Sunday Fergus Flanagan started in startling form with a pair of 100s in the Cottesloe and Wimbledon. His 17 Vees in the Cottesloe were good enough for outright first while in the Wimbledon with only 13 Vees he had to add a tie shoot of 25.3 to beat Mike Baillie-Hamilton's 24.1. In the Albert Angus McLeod, shooting with a borrowed rifle, was a clear winner by a huge six points. Along the way Mike, Hannah and Angus all picked up aggregates - notably Hannah winning the 1,000x aggregate with only 1 off. Indeed her 1,000x shooting was near immaculate with only 5 off over 95 shots on 6 days.

The all Scottish protagonists on the Wimbledon tie shoot firing point

Mike Baillie-Hamilton - Captain NRC of S

Bisley Match Rifle Autumn Meeting
Sept 26th/27th 2015

Results on English VIII Web site

Guess who won though he did drop a couple. Hannah was second with a borrowed rifle. Lesson from both seems to be to beg steal or borrow any rifle except your own.

Angus in full flow
Hanna in full flow
A happy Hanna
A happy Angus

NRC of S Member Angus McLeod included in Winning GB Palma Match Team

GB Team with Record Score +79 points!

Palma Results

Mike Baillie-Hamilton wins the 2015 Hopton by 5 points

Full Results