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NRC of S 2013 Autumn Open

Full Results

1,233yds Sunday 8th Sept.

Match Report

Friday 6th September, evening, lobby of Atholl Arms. Bedraggled members from the deluge of the South arrive in dribs and drabs. Where is Peck’s telescope? Frantic phone calls to the captain for a spare. Former, former, former captain assures that the forecast is fine for the morrow’s shoot.

Saturday 7th, 08:30, dining room of AA. Former former captain reminds fffc of his forecast, and points to torrent of water cascading past the windows. Fffc replies that it is not yet 9:30.

09:00, 987x. Dry and sunny! But no targets. Target keyholder has overslept.

10:30, 987x. 1st detail underway. Wind from the rightish but fairly gentle. Why is no one making a big score? Frantic engineering work to fit new scope to Peck’s rifle.

11:50, 987x. Wind backs suddenly and one gazebo somersaults over the front of the firing point. Maybe reason no big scores!

12:30. First range complete. Minor engineering work to gazebo.

13:50, 1114x. 1st detail halted for minor electrical work required on target 4 following sideways shot through cable. Everyone watches continuous rapid rise and fall of windflags and conclude sitting in the sunshine is a better option than shooting.

14:20. Shooting recommences. Flags maintains their oscillations. 1st detail, and subsequently 2nd and 3rd details, decide their 13:50 conclusion was valid.

15:30. Decision taken that insufficient time remains for 1233x. Those wishing further practice at 1114x may do so. Offer taken up by only the most masochistic members. The days curtailed results show the captain and Barlow tied on 186, with Lindsay on 185. Equivalent top score last year 199.

19:15 and thereafter, AA. Magpies forgotten over camaraderie, drinks and an excellent dinner.

Sunday 8th, 09:29, 1114x. Another glorious day. Scarcely a breeze. “Smidge” application required. Should be much easier than yesterday.

09:30. Firing commences. Midges disappear. Odd Magpies start appearing. Not quite as easy as all that, but an improvement on yesterday.

12:00. Move back to 1233x. Barlow (96) now one point ahead of the captain. McLeod 6 points adrift. Majority of competitors have broken 90.

12:30, 1223x. 1st detail underway. The flags appear to disagree violently with each other and gesticulate rapidly in different directions. Interested observers notice clusters of black dots beginning to form patterns top left and bottom right corners of the monitors.

13:45. Barlow has finished with 90. Joanna Campbell-Smith also makes 90. No-one knows how.

13:50. Rumours reach al fresco lunchers behind the firing point that the captain has made a pact with the devil.

13:55. Confirmed that the captain has made 97. Many now convinced the pact rumour correct!

15:20. Prize giving in brilliant sunshine. Mike Baillie-Hamilton sweeps the board 6 points clear of Mike Barlow with Angus McLeod in 3rd place a further 10 points adrift. All highly appreciative of Tim Kidner and Jim Bell’s efforts in producing such an enjoyable week end.


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