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Scotland v Australia
Match Rifle

The third international match between Scotland and Australia took place on the weekend of 30 June/1 July 2012. Proceedings opened on Saturday with an individual shoot at 10, 11 and 1200 yards and concurrent pairs competition of randomly paired Scots and Aussies. Our captain lead the way to take the top spot in the individual shoot with a score of 216v25, just pipping Australian Shane Courtney into second place on a score of 216v18. In the pairs, Robert Halloran and Allan Campbell-Smith took first place scoring 429v35, from Shane Courtney and Jim McAllister in second place on 428v38. Weather conditions were relatively benign, with Glen Tilt sitting in the eye of the weather system, and avoiding the forecast winds. In the evening the usual entertainment and dining took place at the Atholl Arms; speeches were made, prizes awarded and Tasmanian malt whisky circulated.

On Sunday the Australia Match took place, being shot over the three distances with teams of eight shooters and two targets per team, and making history by being the first international match rifle competition to be shot on electronic targets. Glen Tilt did its best to deliver weather of every possible sort, varying from minute to minute with hot, cool, sunny, overcast, midgey, but with the torrential rain holding off until the start of the final range. Scotland lead the way after 1000 yards by 7 points; Australia caught up at 1100 (taking a 4v lead), with all to play for at 1200. Scotland put in a solid performance despite some misbehaving electronics, but Australia consolidated their lead to win the day by 2 points with a score of 1722v65 to Scotland’s 1724v66. High score of the day was Mike Barlow with 222v27, with M Halloran leading the Australians with a score of 220v26. Events were rounded off with the customary exchange of quaichs and dunnies; an enjoyable weekend was had by all.


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  987X 1114X 1233X Total
M.Barlow 75v11 75v08 72v08 222v27
A.McLeod 75v12 74v07 72v08 221v27
J.McAllister 75v13 73v07 72v09 220v29
M.Baillie-Hamilton 75v08 73v08 70v07 218v23
A.Campbell-Smith 74v08 72v07 69v04 215v19
C.Hayes 74v08 70v08 66v01 210v17
C.McEachran 72v05 71v06 66v03 209v14
J.Brown 71v05 70v02 68v03 209v10
Team Total 591v70 578v53 555v43 1724v166
M.Halloran 74v09 75v11 71v06 220v26
S.Courtney 75v10 74v05 71v06 220v21
B.Southern 73v09 75v09 70v05 218v23
A.Blain 74v10 74v08 68v03 216v21
W.Schaffner 72v05 73v07 71v08 216v20
P.Bain 73v08 73v08 68v03 214v19
J.Collis 71v08 72v06 69v03 212v17
R.Halloran 72v07 69v07 69v04 210v18
Team Total 584v66 585v61 557v38 1726v165
Saturday's Individual's Scores
Pos. Name 987X 1114X 1233X Grand
1 M.Baillie-Hamilton 73v10 71v08 72v07 216v25
2 S.Courtney 73v06 73v08 70v04 216v18
3 A.Campbell-Smith 73v05 71v05 71v05 215v15
4 M.Barlow 74v10 72v08 68v06 214v24
5 R.Halloran 75v09 71v05 68v06 214v20
6 T.Kidner 74v09 73v07 67v03 214v19
7 A.McLeod 75v07 72v07 67v03 214v17
8 J.McAllister 73v10 72v07 67v03 212v20
9 M.Halloran 73v09 72v06 67v02 212v17
10 S.Collings 73v08 72v08 66v03 211v19
11 P.Bain 70v04 73v04 65v05 208v13
12 W.Schaffner 69v03 70v06 68v01 207v10
13 C.McEachran 73v06 69v01 63v02 205v09
14 C.Hayes 71v04 71v07 62v02 204v13
15 H.Hunter 71v07 67v04 65v04 203v15
16 A.Blain 73v08 68v06 62v00 203v14
17 J.Collis 71v07 69v04 63v02 203v13
18 J.Brown 68v05 69v04 62v01 199v10
19 J.Freebairn 67v04 66v03 64v04 197v11
20 J.Campbell-Smith 69v06 66v04 61v03 196v13
21 G.Dyson 66v05 64v03 66v01 196v09
22 G.Walker 68v05 60v03 65v02 193v10
23 W.Freebairn 65v04 68v04 57v03 190v11
24 B.Southern 69v06 61v01 58v01 188v08
25 R.Ruddick 70v05 61v01 57v01 188v07
26 P.Burbridge 66v06 62v02 56v01 184v09
  Top Scores        
1st M.Baillie-Hamilton 216v25      
2nd S.Courtney 216v18      
3rd A.Campbell-Smith 215v15      
  Pairs Competition      
Pos.   Agg. Scores Total
1 R.Halloran+A.Campbell-Smith 214v20 215v15 429v35
2 S.Courtney+J.McAllister 216v18 212v20 428v38
3 A.Blain+ A.McLeod 203v14 214v17 417v31
4 J.Freebairn+M.Baillie-Hamilton 197v11 216v25 413v36
5 P.Bain+C.Hayes 208v13 204v13 412v26
6 M.Halloran+J.Campbell-Smith 212v17 196v13 408v30
7 G.Walker+T.Kidner 193v10 214v19 407v29
8 J.Collis+H.Hunter 203v13 203v15 406v28
9 G.Dyson+W.Schaffner 196v09 207v10 403v19
10 B.Southern+M.Barlow 188v08 214v24 402v32
11 S.Collings+P.Burbridge 211v19 184v09 395v28
12 W.Freebairn+C.McEachran 190v11 205v09 395v20
13 R.Ruddick+J.Brown 188v07 199v10 387v17
1st R.Halloran+A.Campbell-Smith 429v35 (Prize)  
2nd S.Courtney+J.McAllister 428v38 (Prize)  
Last R.Ruddick+J.Brown 387v17 (Prize)