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Scotland retains the 'ELCHO' International Shield for the third consecutive year!

A highly successful if somewhat tense win by just three points for a third consecutive win, first time since 1930, 1931 and 1932. Team Captain Mike B-H selected three past Captains in his his winning team. Probably a record.

Scotland   1727v182
England>   1724v161
Wales   1683v135
Ireland   1660v139

Full Results


The winning Scotland Team

A full slide show of the Elcho proceedings is available here

We also won the FW Jones team match with our "H" team.  Individual Scottish successes were a little thinner on the ground with Mike B-H winning the last event, the Albert, Mike Barlow picking up the Councillors 1000x aggregate with a flawless 250 ex 250 and Jim McAllister and Will Meldrum winning the Match Rifle Pairs.  M B-H won our Gold Cross concurrent with the Hopton whilst Will Meldrum and Mike Barlow, coincidentally shooting together, were tied for the Silver Cross until the very last shot for which Will had a bull to Mike's inner.