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Delhi Commonwealth Games Medals for Scotland

Silver Medals for Angus McLeod and Ian Shaw Scotland Pairs Full-Bore Open


STSF listing of all Scottish shooting medals.


News Release from Team Scotland Delhi 2010


The National Rifle Club of Scotland offers its hearty congratulations to the Scottish shooting team who have won a total of nine medals at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi - 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

Although our particular type of shooting is not represented we offer particular congratulations to one of members Angus McLeod who has won silver in the full-bore rifle pairs. Angus becomes the third of our members to win medals in full-bore rifle (Colin McEachran, individual silver 1976 and Arthur Clarke, individual gold 1982). Uniquely this is the only Commonwealth Games event which is "open" to both men and women equally. It also has one of the largest entries with a field of 42 individuals.

We extend our commiserations to the Australian full-bore rifle pair who are reported to have been badly let down by the targetry. It also looks as if Jim Paton of Canada and Jon Underwood of England may have suffered the same fate in the individual event as they were both in contention for medals before apparently scoring an implausible 60 and 57 respectively at 1,000x.

Particular mention should also be made of Jennifer McIntosh's gold medal in the 50m prone - her score of 597 shattered the Commonwealth Games record and even equaled the world record though sadly it does not count as an official world record. Jennifer's tally of 3 medals is close behind her mother's total of 4 achieved over two games (1994 & 1998) and already outranks her by 2 gold to 1.

Our Angus spotted arriving in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games

Angus McLeod's welcome shot at glory article in the Scotsman:- Published Date: 30 September 2010 By Stuart Bathgate Please note para 2 line 3 should read full-bore not small-bore

English Eight Club & Irish Rifle Club Bisley Autumn Meeting

Only a token number of Scots appeared at Bisley for the Autumn MR Meeting. With hindsight probably a wise decision by the absentees since the weather was particularly unpleasant. Temperatures struggled to reach the upper 40s (F) and a brisk northerly wind blew straight down the axis of the range throughout the meeting. Shooting three ranges in a single detail was a bone-chilling experience making it hard to concentrate on the rapidly fishtailing wind.

However Celtic superiority was maintained, on this occasion by the Welsh with four in the top nine places. Overall winner by a clear 9 points was Ted Hobbs who dominated the prize-list, collecting most of the available silverware. His Saturday score of 222, 7 points ahead of the field and including 74 at 1200 yards, was a remarkable achievement in the conditions. One speculates whether his reported use of very heavy bullets could have been a contributory factor.

As for the Scots, Tim Kidner shot solidly if not spectacularly and achieved a well earned 7th place overall. Broon finished the first day in the top ten, but decided against subjecting himself to further punishment on the Sabbath. Our Secretary persevered with her father's rifle and ammunition and achieved a quite respectable result in the first 1200 shoot, while the rifle's owner, using his spare rifle, had one brief moment of glory with top score on the range at 1100 on Saturday.

For the rest, probably the less said the better. Scores can be seen at

Angus McLeod wins Hopton

Jim McAllister was second with Mike Barlow fourth

Scotland cleans up in International Team Shoots at Bisley

Winning not only the NATIONAL (TR), the ELCHO (Match Rifle) but the F Class International as well!

Some very well known names to us appear on the winning teams - Jim McAllister, Mike Barlow,
Tim Kidner, Mike Baillie-Hamilton, Allan Mabon Hamish Hunter and Des Parr to name but a few. Well done guys.

It is to be noted that four shooters: Mike Barlow, Tim Kidner, Angus McLeod and David Hossack appear in both TR and MR winning teams in the same year - must be some sort of record!

David Hossack shot in the Scotland team at the last win - exactly 40 years ago, we understand that was his first - not a bad innings! (and our Alastair Munro was the adjutant)

Tim Kidner and Hamish Hunter coached the Scottish F-Class team to victory. Shooters on the team included Mike Barlow, Angus McLeod and Jim McAllister. So Mike, Tim and Angus have appeared in winning MR, TR & F-Class teams in the one year - a record indeed surely?

Bisley Spring Meeting

The combined Bisley Spring Meeting of the English VIII, NRCofS and Welsh RA saw Scots well to the fore again.

On Saturday Angus McLeod led with a super 1 off (perversely at the easy distance of 1,000x). He carried this form over into Sunday but faltered slightly at the end to let Mike Barlow win the Sunday aggregate, overall aggregate and Scottish VIII cup. In the middle of all this Angus had a run of over 60 bulls including 15 at 1,200x.

On Sunday it was the turn of elderly gents to have 75s at 1,200x - David Friend for England and our very own Allan Campbell-Smith scoring his first in 51 years of trying. He did this partly by listening to advice from his captain and partly by completely ignoring further advice from his captain. Knowing what to listen to is obviously important. His captain also placed respectably partly thanks to converting all 12 sighters over the two days. The perennial English Vet Nick Tremlett snuck in amongst the otherwise all Scottish open trophy winners thanks to a brace of 74s at 1,200x to take the 1,200x aggregate, second equal overall and of course the English Gold Jewel.

The entry was unfortunately down a little as the GB Woomera team kit was still en route home through clouds of volcanic ash. The kit arrived in time for Sunday only and allowed the baggage master to join the fray with a respectable score which would have been a good score if he had only contented himself with shooting at only one target.

The weather was unseasonably cold with a north easterly wind which did not change all weekend including Friday when we had hoped to have a Scottish practice but were told Stickledown was fully booked. Actually it turned out to be empty due to a late call off by the military which did at least allow some members to practice with the whole of Stickledown to themselves. Our thanks go to the Hisseys, father and son, and Tim Elliot for organising a well run shoot.

GB Match Rifle Team in Australia

The GB Match Rifle team have been to Australia to defend the Woomera trophy. The team included three Scots - Tim Kidner, Jim McAllister and Will Meldrum. Unfortunately GB lost the Woomera Trophy (by just 3 points from a 1762 total). The results can be found here. Tim (first GBMRT cap) had the highest GB team individual's score by only dropping 1 point.