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NRC of S 2010 Spring Meeting

Full Results

Fifteen Members of NRC of S assembled in Glen Tilt for the Club closed Spring competition on 22nd and 23rd May.

In almost antipodean weather on Saturday, Tim Kidner, well acclimatised and fresh from a sterling Woomera performance, top scored with 284.24, two points ahead of Angus Mcleod. Shooting conditions were initially fairly benign, but became rather more active as the temperature rose through the day.

On Sunday overnight torrential rain eased at breakfast time and the mists lifted as shooting commenced. Apart from one brief downpour, the gazebos provided welcome shelter on what developed into warm, sunny and high-scoring conditions. Only near the end of the final 1233 detail did Glen Tilt revert to normal with 360 degree choice of wind flag direction available simultaneously. By this time though the leaders had completed the course.

Top score on the day came from Mike Barlow on 221.23 one point ahead of AC-S and Gus McL, each with 220.26. This proved sufficient to give Gus's two day total of 502.47 overall victory and the Crawford Cup by a single point from Tim and Mike B, both on 501.44. However the outstanding score of the weekend came on Sunday from our solitary F-classer, Des Parr, with a prodigious 225.40; an any-calibre range record which will not be easily bettered.

Finally, your humble correspondent is able to report that, once again, selective observance of our leader's advice can sometimes prove more profitable than total submission to diktat.

Mike Barlow appeared to need less elevation than others
Angus McLeod receiving the Crawford Cup from Rosemary Meldrum
Bottoms up
Can anyone see the targets?
Now we can - just!
Time to use the Gazebos