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Elcho Photos

If any NRC of S member that participated in an Elcho Team Shoot and has 'mislaid/lost' their own copy of that team photograph, then Mike Baillie-Hamilton may well be able to provide you with a replacement photograph from the Club 'collection'.

List of ELCHO Team Photographs of which copies are available:-

1986 x1 colour
1990 x1 colour
1991 x2 colour (plus only one McEachran insert)
1996 x2 colour
1997 x1 colour, x1 B&W
1998 x1 B&W
1999 x2 colour
2000 x3 colour
2001 x2 colour mounted, x3 B&W mounted
2002 x2 colour
2005 x1 colour
2006 x1 colour

2006 x1 colour (both teams on range)

Please note that illuminated 2006 and 2009 photographs are currently in production.

For copies of any of the above please contact Mike Baillie-Hamilton